Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Tale of Trees

A bit of history, and the reason I was so intrigued by these wooden busts.

It all began in 1887 with the completion of the Territorial Capitol. Aroung the perimeter of the bulding Ash an dElm were planted. In 1891 President Benjamin Harrison visited Idaho and planted a Water Oak tree in front of the Southwest corner of the building. In 1903 President Theodore Roosevelt visited Idaho and planted a Rock Sugar Maple tree next to the Water Oak tree. In 1911 President William Howard Taft visited an dplanted an Ohio Buckeye tree next to the Rock Sugar Maple tree. In order to complete the current Capitol Building, the original Territorial Capitol Building was removed.

These trees graced the Capitol grounds for 120 years. In 2006 a decision was made to remodel the current Capitol Building and add new underground wings. This being the case, the trees would have to be removed. Representative Max C. Black, with the help of many other volunteers, salvaged the trees and distributed the wood to Idaho artisans. these artisans were able to diip a piece of the wood for themselves, in turn they were asked to make an item to be donated back to the Capitol building. As you walk through the Capitol you will see the amazing abilities of the Idaho wood artisans who took part in the wonderful project.

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